10 *TIMELESS* Style Tips from FASHION ICONS!

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to my channel.

Today, I’m sharing 10 timeless style tips

from fashion icons we all know and love.

I am so excited for this
video, because as I mentioned,

these style tips are classic and timeless,

and they’re never gonna go out of style.

They worked like a charm

for these amazing, stylish,
fashionable six fashion icons.

Most of them are no longer
with us, except for one.

There is one person still alive.

But I really hope you enjoy this video.

Let’s get started with the
very first fashion icon,

who happens to probably be
my favorite of them all,

I’ve just always been
partial to this person,

and it is princess Diana,

which I feel like in recent months,

she’s actually grown a little
bit more in popularity,

just because of the show “The Crown.”

Princess Diana is
obviously very well known,

for being the People’s Princess.

She was the Princess of Wales.

She was married to Prince Charles.

She is the mother of Prince
Harry, and Prince William.

But unfortunately she
did pass away in 1997,

by a tragic car accident.

So anyway, I’m sure so many
of you know that already,

but she was also very well
known for her fashion sense.

One of the main things

that she loved to incorporate
into her style every day,

was actually statement sleeves.

And she’s actually,
she’s been in interviews

talking about it, saying that the reason

she loves statement sleeves

is because they kind of draw
the attention towards the arms,

and then it makes everything
else look smaller.

So if you notice on this shirt,

the sleeves are a little bit bigger,

and then in turn, it tricks the eye

into making your waist
look a little bit smaller.

So, this shirt, and this top
is actually from Walmart.

This video is not sponsored.

I’m just pulling out items from my closet,

but I got this shirt from
Walmart months and months ago.

It’s probably not even available anymore,

but I still wear it, I love it,

and I just love how it does in fact

kind of make my waist look a bit smaller.

It draws the eye downward,

and the statement sleeves
are just wonderful.

The next style tip, again,
comes from Princess Diana,

and it has to do with accessories.

But it’s not what you might think.

She actually loved wearing accessories,

differently than everyone else.

She would take necklaces,

and actually pull it up over her head,

and wear them as headbands,

which I think is a really cool idea.

So next time you wanna accent your hair,

try a necklace instead.

She also loved wearing necklaces backward.

So this is another sweater,

it’s actually not from
Walmart, it’s from Forever 21.

Again, it goes to show
you don’t have to spend

tons of money on clothes,
to look really stylish.

But I love this sweater.

It, again, has the statement
sleeves we just talked about,

but It’s also open in the back.

So what I did is I took
a Miranda Frye necklace

that I’ve had for years,
I can link it down below,

but it’s really cool in the
fact that you can wear it,

like I think, nine different ways.

So today I doubled it up,

as kind of like a choker in the front,

and then if you notice in the back,

it dangles really pretty in the back.


So wear your accessories differently.

The next style tips come from Grace Kelly.

So, she, coincidentally enough,

also turned into a princess,

which I wasn’t really planning that segue,

but it kind of works out.

So, she’s more known for
being an American actress.

She was very popular.

She starred in many famous older movies.

But then, in 1956, she married a prince,

and she became the Princess of Monaco.

But she was also very, very stylish.

And one of her biggest style tips

was to incorporate
pearls into your outfit.

Now, some people love,
some people hate, pearls.

I actually quite like them,

but I think there’s different ways

that you can incorporate
them into your style,

and look a little bit more luxurious.

So the number one way,

and the way most people
would just default to,

is a nice necklace.

So you can do that, maybe
you don’t love that,

and if that’s the case,
try wearing a sweater.

So I actually have two
pearl embellished sweaters,

both from H & M.

And I’ve talked about
embellishments before.

Do I think this sweater is
going to last me for decades?

No, I feel like over time,

they’re gonna, it’s gonna
start to not look that nice.

So I don’t recommend
spending tons of money

on tops and sweaters with embellishments.

But this was like, I don’t know, like $18.

So this has really pretty
pearl detail around the collar.

I love it, I also have
another H & M sweater,

that’s different, but again
has pearl accents on it.

You could also wear very
subtle pearl earrings.

So again, depending on
your thoughts about pearls,

there’s still different
ways to incorporate them

into your outfit.
(wind whooshing)

The next style tip from
Grace Kelly, yes guys,

it’s the red lip.

I believe she was quoted saying,

“The crimson lip can be everything.”

So I totally understand that
a red lip is not for everyone.

I do think it is a color

that really does look good on most people.

It’s more that people just are scared

to take the plunge, and
actually wear a red lip.

But I’m gonna go ahead
and do that right now.

I’m going to add this to my lips,

and you’re gonna see

that the entire outfit totally transforms.

Okay, guys, wish me luck.

Maybe we can just speed
up through this process.

Sometimes I think actually
wearing the red lipstick

isn’t that bad, it’s
really just applying it.

You just have to take your time.

So, here we go, woo. (laughing)

(happy music)

Voila, here we are with
my crimson red lip.

It’s definitely popping.

So there’s some really cool
benefits to wearing a red lip.

Just try it, just try it.

It definitely makes your
complexion brighter.

It makes your teeth whiter.

It makes your lips look fuller.

Let’s go ahead and take a
look at the before and after.

As I mentioned, all I
did was at a red lip,

and maybe you prefer the more neutral lip,

and that’s totally fine,
that’s usually what I wear too.

But again, it’s just to show you

that this simple change
can make a big difference.

So let’s take the advice of
Grace Kelly, wear a red lip.

(wind whooshing)

The next stylish fashion icon,
it needs no introduction.

I’m sure all of you
know exactly who she is.

But she wasn’t American, actress,
model, singer, sex symbol.

Yes, it is Marilyn Monroe, ah.

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So she definitely needs
to be in this video.

She was also known for the red lip,

very similar to Grace Kelly.

But she was also known for
her tight, sexy dresses,

which is not in the style advice,

or the style tips that I’m
actually giving you today,

because that’s not the style
advice she took herself.

On a day-to-day basis, she
was actually very well known

for wearing loose clothing,
and making that look sexy.

So today, here I am, just
wearing a white blouse,

not tucked in, with some baggy
Amazon jeans, I love them.

But another thing that she would do

is actually wear kind of
the same color palette.

So her color palette was white and black,

with tan, and a red lip,

and occasionally a pop of
like a subtle blue shade.

So again, here I am just wearing white,

and there’s a pop of blue
with these denim jeans.

I’ll link these jeans down below.

They are so comfortable,
really well priced,

and they do come in a
lot of different shades.

But they’re meant to
look baggy and oversized.

And then I decided to pair
everything with a tan heel,

to again, bring in that color,

and then also bring in a
touch of the feminine side,

to make it look a little more sexy.

The next famous fashion
icon, and let me tell you,

this is a fashion icon, was
Gabrielle, or Coco Chanel.

She was a French fashion designer,

and founder namesake of the Chanel brand.

Clearly, there’s tons
and tons of style tips

we could gather from her.

And you probably are
wondering why the heck

I am wearing a bright purple sweater,

with a bright purple lip.

Well, let me just tell you,

she was known for saying
so many amazing things,

but one of the most
iconic phrases or quotes

she’s known for is saying,

“The best color in the whole world

is the color that looks good on you.”

So that inspired this, which
I am a lover of neutrals.

I feel like I gravitate
towards all of the clothes

that you’ve already seen
me wear in this video.

But there’s something
about this particular color

that I’ve always loved.

So, here I am just
wearing it in a sweater.

I threw on a matching purple lip.

I’m not a fan of matchy matchy.

Again, it’s just showing
you different ways

to incorporate colors that you love.

I also bought this Gucci
bag, which granted,

it’s not Chanel, but this is Gucci.

And it’s one of my most
favorite handbags that I own.

And yeah, it’s not a color
that I normally would go for,

but there’s just something
so special about this bag,

and it’s the color.

So all of that to say is find a color,

and wear a color that looks good on you.

Who cares what anyone else says.

If you love the color, and
you think it looks good

on your skin tone and complexion, wear it.

So all of this color leads
me to the next fashion icon,

who is still with us
today, and it’s Diana Ross.

Oh, so I love her too.

She’s currently 76 years
old, and still rocking it.

She is a singer, she was the
lead singer of The Supremes,

and then she went on to be
unbelievably successful,

and kind of an icon, in many
categories, including fashion.

She is so well known

for her bright and bold
colors, and materials.

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She actually loves sequins,
and feathers, and metallics.

So if that is you,

if you’re somebody that
doesn’t necessarily fit

into the box of like the
classic timeless style tips,

basically everything that I just said,

I wanted to include Diana
Ross, just to show you

that you can, in fact,
wear bright, bold colors,

and materials like sequins,
and still look stylish.

Now, feathers, I don’t know.

Maybe you can pull it off. Maybe not.

The next fashion icon we
should definitely take

some fashion advice
from, is Audrey Hepburn.

She was, or is, another one
of my personal favorites.

I used to watch her so
much when I was a kid.

She was a British actress,

and she starred in so many famous movies,

like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Sabrina,”

“My Fair Lady,” the list goes on.

but she was also incredibly stylish.

So one of her fashion rules,

that was always wearing a collared shirt.

She thought that collared shirts

were never going to go out of style.

And it turns out, she was probably right.

So this is one of my
favorite collared shirts.

It is a silk blouse, by Lily Silk.

This isn’t sponsored by Lily Silk,

but I do, in fact, love
their collared blouses,

because it’s silk, so just looks
a little bit more upgraded,

a little bit more expensive.

But I love how it’s not see-through.

So you can really just
grab it out of your closet,

and put it on, and you instantly
look a little more stylish.

Just think back on Audrey Hepburn

when you don’t know what to wear.

(wind whooshing)

So the next Audrey Hepburn style tip

is incorporating a small scarf,

like this one, into your outfit,

and I’m talking like
a small one like this,

and not a big oversized winter scarf,

that you use to keep warm, and bundle up.

So this happens to be
my favorite that I own,

and I will show you how to wear it.

She would actually wear it in her hair.

She would wear it around her neck.

She would also tie it
around her waist, as a belt,

and kind of use it to cinch her waist,

and make it look smaller.

But I’m just gonna go ahead
and put this around my neck.

And like I said, there’s
different ways you can wear it.

You could just drape it slightly over,

and then tie it loosely, just
as like a nice little accent.

You could also tie it around your neck,

a little bit tighter, and
drape it off to the side,

which I think is really, really nice.

Also, you could bring
it down at the center,

and make it look a little bit
more masculine, like a tie.

So don’t forget about the small scarf.

It’s a little bit unexpected and stylish.

So those are 10 classic
and timeless style tips

that you can use when
picking out your own outfits,

in your own closet.

I will also try to link
everything that I wore

in the description box, down below,

if you happen to be interested.

And if you did enjoy this video,

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But otherwise, I will see
you very soon in my next one.