Alexa Chung’s Best Fashion Advice

– Let’s talk about prints and patterns.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows
I love a print and pattern.

I wear that stuff all the time.

But, if you’re intimidated by them,

start small and layer up.

(bell dings)

You can wear them under a bomber jacket,

a denim jacket, even under a suit.

Now let’s talk about one of the

most popular patters of all time.

Stripes, a horizontal stipe like this

could make you look shorter and wider.

Go vertical, it’ll make
you look taller and leaner.

Play with print and pattern,
express your personality

and just have bloody fun.

– Okay, we’re talking about
red carpet, AKA fancy shmancy.

And I want to talk about shoes,

I don’t often wear a high heel,

but when I do, eugh.

I always score the bottom of my shoes,

like this, you can get a
little sandpaper on there

and it means you don’t slip around.

Okay, next up,
(clapper board)

(screams playfully)

(clapper board)

Learn how to catch, and
also just wear sneakers,

I mean, no one’s judging you.

If you want to wear a
flat shoe with a ballgown,

that can be an excellent red carpet look.

So march to the beat of your
own drum and be that guy.

(upbeat music)

– [Backstage Man] (laughs) Thank you.

– All right, let’s talk active wear.

You guys, I know that
you did not go to yoga

before you went to that brunch,

and you’re still in your yoga pants.

However I am throwing no shade your way,

I am all about the at leisure life.

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Head to toe logo, I’m not kidding,

I mean head to toe.

Whether your loyalty lies

with Adidas, Reebok, Nike, whatever.

Head to toe, embrace it.

If you really want to embrace
denim, maybe consider this.

Yup, it’s a triple denim moment.

I know it seems bold,
but let me tell you this.

If you stick with tonal
denims it’s gonna look great.

So stick with similar shades,

don’t go for something super contrasty,

don’t go for a super
dark with a super light,

it’s not gonna work.

Keep it simple, keep it tonal.

You’re gonna feel great.

And if you really want to be brave,

maybe a little French tuck.

Y’know I love a French
tuck, I can’t do without it.

That’s it, simple.

(mannequin crashes)

(test pattern)

(clapper board)

– Okay, let’s talk military style.

The humble (laughs) hoo hoo, jumpsuit.

It is basically one item of clothing.

I mean, how easy can it get?

But one of my tricks is that
I like a bit of layering.

It adds personality to the garment,

gives it a little dimension.

Also maybe the length isn’t right for you,

so you can add a little
cuff to it, like this.

A lil tip for you, you can use
this cuff to hide things in,

dice, cash, gummy bears,
I dunno what you’re into.

So there you have it, go for it.

You can wear a utilitarian jumpsuit

and not look like a pilot.

And if anyone asks, just tell
them that you are a pilot.

That’s it, au revoir.

Okay kids, it’s rock and roll time.

I’m gonna give you three tips in which

  Stop being fashion photographer

you can make your wardrobe
look a little bit more edgy.

First up,

(exhales) rip it up and start again.

Here you go, you have a classic
t-shirt or maybe some jeans,

(rips t-shirt)
(mimics ripping sound)

you just have to rip it and then

you’re gonna look like a proper rockstar.

The next one is,

lead singers absolutely
love studding things.

We don’t know why, but it definitely makes

you look more edgy.

So get some grommets
and handclasp them on,

and it’ll be fine.


it is all in the attitude, yeah.

So maybe you just wanna
walk around like this,

being a little bit mean.

Rock and roll, 10% music,
90% snarling at people.

(scoffs) Whatever.

That’s my tips, see you later.

No, I should..with an attitude.

Peace out.

Let’s talk about underwear
(snaps fingers) (sighs).

Up first, the humble slip.

I don’t really know why
these ever went away.

Because they are incredibly practical.

They can line a shear fabric,

get rid of lumps and bumps.

Lumps and bumps, sorry I turned
into Tan then for a second.

Here, we go, here’s a top tip,

the lil tiny lil thong,
it’s done, get rid of it.

Visible panty lines are completely fine.

– I’m just gonna look
at my hair, 20 seconds.

(chill music)

(clapper board)

All right, suits.

When it comes to suits, fit is everything.

And I mean, everything.

A lot of people assume that
expensive equals better

and I’m here to tell you, that aint true.

This suit cost $2000,

this suit cost $75.

Which one do you think I’m wearing?

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(clock ticking)

(timer dings)

The suit I’m wearing is $75.

I got it tailored to perfection
and wore it on a red carpet.

Queens check my receipts,
it’s on my Instagram.

So I’ve said it 1000 times, I
will say it 1000 times more,

Make your tailor your best friend.