Victoria Beckham Gives Strangers Fashion Advice for $2

– This is “Derek Does
Stuff with a Friend.”

Today’s friend is, Victoria Beckham.

♪ Derek does stuff with a friend ♪

– Fashion advice from the one

and the only, Victoria Beckham.

Takers, takers, anybody?

– Oh, come on, you need advice!

– No advice?

– Come on!
– No advice.

– [Victoria] Don’t be shy!

– Anybody?
– Do not be shy.

– Anyone?

– How much are you charging, Derek?

– $2.

– As they’re going to give you $2,

I will give them what they want.

What they really, really want.

– You look suspicious.

Would you like to ask Victoria
Beckham any fashion queries?

– [Victoria] You look like Danny Zuko.

– Oh, thanks!

Is it really so bad to still
wear white after Labor Day?

– I think rules are there
to be broken, you know?

The sun is still shining,

you may as well wear it whilst you can.

– Thank you very much.

– Howdy!
– Hi.

Actually here on behalf of my friend,

who’s a super fan of yours,

and she’s too–

– Is this your, is this your friend

right here?
– Yeah, that’s my friend.

– Come over here!

– Hi!

– Should I keep my manbun?

– I like the manbun!

How does it look down?

Take it down.

– I like it back in a bun,

because I think it’s super
flattering on your face.

– Did you think when you came
to New York, you’d be meeting

Victoria Beckham
– Meet ,my Jesus Christ.

– On an iPad in the
middle of Central Park?

– Best day of my life!

[all laughing]

– This gentleman looks
very dressed up for you.

– I’m not saying this to kiss your ass,

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by the way, you were my
favorite Spice Girl growing up.

– Aww, thank you very much!

That’s a very bold jacket
that you’re wearing there.

Talk me through it.

– Yeah, I love mermaids,
so I painted this myself.

– Oh, you painted this yourself?

– Yeah.

– Wow, that’s amazing, super creative.

It’s a great jacket.

– Thank you!

– Do you got two bucks?

– Hi!

– Hi!

– We’re from Indiana,

and I’m graduating high
school in a few months.

What’s your advice on a dress to wear?

– Something that just makes you feel

super confident, and comfortable,

and something that you feel
really, really good in.

– Is this your whole class over there?

– Yeah, they’re all over there.

– Does your whole class wanna
say hi to Victoria Beckham?

– Over here, come here.

Come see her.
– Hurry, come on.

– Everybody say hi to Victoria!

[girls chanting]

– Does anyone have a question
for Victoria Beckham?

– Yeah, I do.

– You do?

Oh, great.

You look very chic!

– Oh, thank you!

Hi, Victoria Beckham.

You’re the master of culottes,

and I’ve become a really big fan of them,

but I have a lot of trouble
pairing them with shoes.

– You know, I think if
you’re wearing a culotte

during the summer,

it’s best to wear it
with an easy flat shoe.

And if you’re doing a
culotte in the winter,

I think that it looks cute

if you have a long boot
underneath the culotte.

– Victoria, that was a
culotte of information.

– Ugh.

– Was that a culotta fun for you?

– You are full of ’em, Derek!

– Hi, I’m from the UK.

– Oh, my goodness!

And then you bumped into me!

Well, kind of bumped into me.

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– My question is, what’s the best tip

to wearing high heels all day?

– When I do wear a heel,

I try to go for something
a little bit more

on the comfortable side of things.

‘Cause normally, I’m running
around after four children.

I’ve gotta be able to move in those heels!

Have a lovely rest of your holiday!

– [Derek] Howdy!

– Hi!

– You look like a ballet
dancer or something.

– I’m actually a Radio City Rockette!

– You’re a Rockette?

– I am!

– [gasps] Have you ever
met a Rockette before?

– Never, this is the first time.

– This is my first Victoria Beckham.

[Derek laughing]

– What’s your favorite
fall fashion advice?

– You know, I think you’ve
gotta have a good coat.

I mean, it sounds obvious, but
in New York it gets so cold.

– Thank you so much.
– Thank you!

– I wanna ask you what you
think about my outfit today.

– I love a simple white t-shirt,

so I’m a big fan of your outfit.

– How do you make gym clothes sexy?

– I think the good
thing about gym clothes,

is you can really see your
body, you can be comfortable.

I think that that’s sexy.

– Can I get a selfie with her?

– I think that’s alright.

– One, two.

– Howdy!

– Derek, do you keep
really keep saying howdy?

– I’m just a nice southern
boy from Missouri!

I got good Midwestern morals.

– Howdy, partner!

– Oh, howdy!

– We got another taker right here!

– I’m pregnant, six months.

– Congratulations.

– I don’t know what to wear!

– You know what I did?

I took my jean and I cut little V’s,

and I put elastic in the sides.

– Okay!

– Oh, you’re very chic!

You don’t need advice!

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[all laughing]
You don’t need advice.

– What do you think about
these people with their fancy–

– Oh, what is that?

– I’ve never seen these little
one wheels things, look.

– That is so cool!

– Can you pop a wheelie or anything?

– Nah, this is the first time riding it.

Do you think, uh, these are fashionable?

They’re very fashionable,

and I love how you are
putting safety first.

– Yes.
– By putting a helmet on,

as well, I think

that’s very important.
– Absolutely, thank you.

– ‘Cause there’s nothing
more stylish than safety.

– Absolutely!
– See ya!

– Bye!

– I loved how you said
can you do wheelies on it,

because if you think about it,

you’re permanently
doing a wheelie on that.

– Derek, why don’t we look
at what you’re wearing?

It’s a nice jacket,
nice jeans, a cool boot.

– You’ll be happy to know I’m
wearing this shearling collar,

not only for fashion’s sake,

but to protect my neck from
this heavy advice foot,

you’ve got me wearing
all through Central Park.

– See, you’re sensible as well, Derek.

– Look at all the money we raised today!

– Wow, we’ve got a lot of money!

– What do you want me to do with it?

– I would like to donate
the money to UNAIDS,

because I’m a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador,

so that’s where I would
like the money to go.

– Done and done!

– Thank you so much guys!

– Do you wanna have one
last look of Central Park?

Columbus Circle, me [laughs].

– Thank you so much guys.