8 Fashion Rules On How To Look Stylish

eight fashion rules on how to look
stylish wondering how to dress well or

how to look stylish everyone has their
own outfits clothes and unique style and

way of getting dressed but there are
certain rules to follow when you wear

some items now of course you can always
choose to ignore them however following

some style tips on how to dress well
might actually help your overall

appearance and you might decide that it
works better for you style is important

so make sure you never fall behind so
what are these dressing rules exactly

well keep watching for a few basic rules
and fashion advice on how to dress well

and how to look stylish before we begin
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number eight always close the middle
button on your suit jacket you can

choose to keep the top button open or
closed that’s up to you however the

lower one shouldn’t be closed number
seven jewelry apparently too much

jewelry especially matching jewelry
looks a little tacky for example you can

wear earrings that match your bracelet
but you probably should stay away from

wearing a matching bracelet necklace
earrings and rings do you though

speaking of fashion did you know that
there are certain ways that you can tell

if a handbag is a real or fake
that’s right there are but you’ll just

have to keep watching until the very end
to find out what they are number six the

tie the bottom tip of your tie should
reach your waist and pass it by just a

little bit above that is too short and
below that is way too long incorrect

usage of the tie can make or break an
outfit so don’t forget that always make

sure it’s the right length and color and
for the love of God learn how to tie a

if you don’t know how it’s an invaluable

skill that not too many young people
know how to these days number five

button-up dress shirt if you are wearing
a button-up dress shirt without a tie

you don’t need a jacket put a tie on and
it’ll look like you’re missing your

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number four tucked shirt if you tuck

your shirt into your pants you should
probably wear a belt otherwise just

untuck your shirt and live your life and
besides the tucked in look really

doesn’t fly these days unless you’re
accessorizing it with a belt or other

fashion accessories you just tend to
look like an old man

the tucked in look can work when pulled
off the right way but when it’s not it’s

just a big old fashion fail so make sure
you follow this bit of style and fashion

advice number three the belt your belt
should be the same color as your shoes I

mean it doesn’t have to be but it
definitely looks much better a belt is a

great way to accessorize so take
advantage of it a colorful belt or just

a solid color belt but it can really add
a nice touch to an outfit that brings it

to a hundred from a zero real quick
number two tags

I mean hey it happens to the best of us
but remember to remove all visible tags

from your clothes sometimes clothing
brands place tags in really strange

places to ensure that all tags are off
you before you head out have someone

spin around you to check if you’re good
to go number one

prints wearing clothes with too many
prints make you look like a quilted

upholstery take a step back you’re doing
too much try to stick with just one

solid color although certain prints do
work you just have to make sure that you

don’t overdo it
don’t wear a printed shirt choose pants

and socks it’s just way too much try to
stick with one piece of clothing or

now that you know some basic fashion

rules to keep you stylish at all times
here are seven ways for you to be able

to tell whether or not a handbag is fake
or not choosing a handbag for a girl is

the equivalent to choosing the perfect
car for a guy you want to make sure that

it fits your personality your needs and
looks amazing but just like picking out

the right car
finding the perfect handbag isn’t so

easy right ladies once you do know what
kind of handbag you want sometimes it’ll

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take you some time to actually purchase
it either you need to save up some money

for it or you want to see if you can get
it at a lower price somewhere else stuff

ain’t cheap at all you have to be
cautious of those retailers we’re just

dying to sell you a very good replica or
sometimes they just have a pretty decent

fake copy of a designer’s bag it’s
important to make sure that your dream

bag isn’t a fake one especially when
you’re putting down a ton of money on it

a lot of people miss the clues that give
away the fakeness of a bag don’t blame

you though
you really have to be able to have a

skill of paying attention to detail but
don’t worry we’ve got you covered once

you know these it’ll be hard for
retailers to convince you that they’re

real number 7 the stitching it’s pretty
important to pay attention to the

stitching of the bag all of the stitches
should be perfectly even with no loose

threads or any other defects that can be
spotted all the real handbags are

handmade so if sellers are convincing
you that it’s just a manufacturing

defect do not listen to them number 6
it’s all in the little things it’s

important to pay attention to things
like metal clasps buttons zipper pulls

plates and locks the quality has to be
perfect especially with the amount

you’re paying not only should the
quality be perfect but the real deal

will have a number or a name that is
printed on them this is another sign of

the quality and authenticity of a

number five the leather a well-known
brand doesn’t use rough leather so if

you notice that your bag has some
heavy-duty leather with the printing

looking a bit off chances are it’s not
the real deal a famous brand uses high

quality materials only items with
leather trim should not be oily or

sticky even though some designer bags
can have soft and flexible leather they

always keep their shape number for the
name looking at the leather the zippers

the stitching is important but sometimes
we tend to miss the main and most

obvious part the name of the brand
that’s totally normal when you’re really

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trying to pay attention to detail but
first look at the label of the brand on

the handbag fake items have brand names
printed in different fonts smudgy

lettering or even with misspellings
number three the serial number the

serial number is the most important
giveaways of authenticity know you don’t

need to remember the exact serial number
to tell if it’s the real or the fake the

label with the number on the real
handbag is actually sealed and attached

in a specific way making it difficult to
remove without damaging it fake items

usually just use a sticker with a number
number to the packaging look out for the

packaging this is also a pretty easy
giveaway you’re not going to buy an

expensive handbag and get a super cheap
packaging with it be suspicious if this

happens when you get the real deal the
packaging should be as expensive it’s

usually made up of most high quality
materials the package should have zero

color defects and the additional
accessories should be packed as a whole

set number one specific details remember
to do some research on the purse you

want like paying attention to specific
attributes each brand has specific

characteristics that can be dead

take for example Prada authentic Prada

will never use a contrasting color for
the lining compared to the exterior

color Prada always uses perfectly
matching color for the lining of the

exterior material what are some of your
best fashion tips what fashion advice

about how to look stylish with your
clothes and outfits would you suggest

and have you ever purchased a fake purse
or expensive piece of clothing without

knowing about it let us know in the
comment section below and if you have

any other tips and tricks on how to spot
a fake purse or other expensive item

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