Artificial intelligence system gives fashion advice

People turn to many different sources
for clothing style advice, from magazines

to best friends to Instagram. Soon, though, you may be able to ask your smartphone

A computer science team from
University of Texas at Austin,

Cornell Tech, Georgia Tech and Facebook AI research, has developed an artificial

intelligence system that can look at a
photo of an outfit and suggest helpful

tips to make it more fashionable.
Suggestions may include tweaks such as

selecting a sleeveless top or a longer
jacket. The tool, named Fashion++,

uses visual recognition systems to
analyze the color, pattern, texture and

shape of garments in an image. It
considers where edits will have the most

impact. It then offers several
alternative outfits to the user.

Fashion++ was trained using more than
ten thousand images of outfits shared

publicly on online sites for fashion


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