Avoid These 6 Style Mistakes

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s
Gazette. In today’s video,

we’re going to talk about the top six
style mistakes gentlemen make in their 30s.

For some reason, certain decades seem to
correlate with a specific set of style

mistakes. By your 30s, many men are buying homes,
settling into their careers, starting families,

all of which change who you are as a person.
Even if this is not your particular path,

we all grow and change over time and
your style should change along with you.

You’re a fully fledged adult and there should be a
certain level of maturity found within your style,

one where you look youthful but also
age-appropriate. Anything too young will make

you look like you haven’t grown up. Just because
someone expects you to dress a particular way,

doesn’t mean you have to. Finding your own style
that suits you, looks good on you, and makes you

feel good should be your first priority. But it’s
hard to see ourselves clearly so we put together

a list of ways men fall into habits that aren’t
deliberately their choices. These choices can

sometimes negatively affect the way they look
at this particular age. And for the record,

I am in my 30s as well. Now, let’s look at that
first habit anything in your style of repertoire

is the same as it was for you in high school. It’s
easy to get comfortable with certain things but

your style and look should evolve with you as
you age. It’s okay to be a little bit attached

but you don’t to keep wearing your same old
track t-shirt while out running all of your

errands. You’re in your 30s so you probably
don’t look like you’re in your teens anymore

unless you’re Preston. Save your old clothes for
painting and doing other household errands but

not for day-to-day wear. These would include
those baggy straight leg jeans, graphic tees

and oversized polos and t-shirts. Finally, are you
still wearing the same combinations as you were

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as in high school? For example, visibly layering
a t-shirt with a button down or a polo. This will

add unnecessary bulk to your top half. The visible
white shirt cheapens the look and is a visual

distraction. Instead, buy v-neck t-shirts if you
prefer the extra added layer and be sure to check

out our undershirt guide for more information.
And one of the worst offenders in this category

is your haircut because it’s front and center,
everybody can see it. If you have not changed

your haircut since high school, that is not
a good look. It’s been more than a decade and

it’s definitely time to move on unless you had
a truly timeless haircut and not many of us did.

It’s a dead ringer that shows a particular point
in your past that’s going to make your look feel

dated. One of the most common offenders we still
see today is the gelled short and spiky haircut.

Even if your hair isn’t bleached, this is still a
dead giveaway for high school here. If you’re not

sure what kind of hairstyle will look best on you,
perhaps call a friend whose hairstyle you admire

and go ask their opinion or even ask if you can
go and see their stylist. Don’t go back to your

old stylist and barber. They’ll most likely keep
giving you the same thing. Number two. People

who haven’t found out what their style is or what
even looks good on them. This is true for men who

love style and for those who find it a nuisance.
If you’re frustrated with having to figure out

what to wear at this age, this may be the root
of the problem. You’re at least 30 years old at

this point so it’s time to figure it out. Take
some time and answer the following questions:

how do I want to feel when I get dressed?
What is important to me with regards to style?

What is my budget? What consistently makes me feel
good when I wear it? What gaps in my knowledge

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are preventing me from the wardrobe I want? What
mistakes do I consistently make with purchasing

that I later regret? What gaps in my wardrobe
are preventing me from the luck that I want?

Do I struggle with too many choices or do i not
have enough choices? Do I want to do this on my

own or consult other people and other resources?
I’ll take the answers to all these questions and

write them down. It will create something like
a venn diagram that will lead you to your ideal

look. Finding out what looks good on you and what
works for you is the most important. This will

help you become a more effective shopper where
you’ll get to spend less money and be more happy

with what you purchase. Even if that means you
develop a uniform, this is totally acceptable and

is better than trying to wear every single kind
of style. Number three. You’re still carrying

a backpack. Unless you’re camping, backpacks tend
to make adult men look like overgrown school boys

no matter your age. I’m not going to argue that
they’re not useful like in times of travel but

for any sort of professional scenario, it’s time
to ditch the backpack. If you’re in your 30s,

your clothing and taste has hopefully changed
since your college and high school days.

But the backpack is a bit of a remnant of that
time. Backpacks wrinkle shirts and cause your back

to sweat. Number four. You don’t get dressed every
day. What you wear at home should be all about

what feels good to you but I’ve actually found
value in getting dressed every day. You’re ready

to go whenever you want and it’s much easier to
mentally switch out of lounge mode. No doubt it’s

much easier to stay in your sweats all day and
run errands but it certainly won’t make you look

mature for your age. Number five. You haven’t
matured to more mature looking jeans. Jeans,

unlike chinos or other dress pants age much more
quickly over time. The trends for distressing,

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details, and washes make jeans evolve more
quickly. Timeless is a relative to what is

going on in the current trend of jeans. As such,
they need to be updated more often to keep you

looking fresh. That means most of the jeans
from your teens and 20s are going to look dated

even if you can still fit them. I admit
to doing this as well. Some of my favorite

jeans that I’ve had for many years have ended
up ripping because I kept them for too long.

And number six. You haven’t transitioned to
more mature looking shoes. This can mean wearing

flip-flops or sandals to places other than the
beach. Like a lot of people here in the midwest

tend to do sometimes. Wearing dirty trainers some
place other than doing yard work. Your shoes are

a key place to be able to show that your style is
as mature as you are. If you like sneakers, by all

means wear them. But anything old, dirty, go ahead
and throw those out and instead, choose something

clean, fresh and a little bit more mature. Do your
best to keep them clean at all times. You can also

check out our sneaker video here. In general, try
to save any kind of sandal for the beach. For more

ideas, check out our first three shoes video
here. Today I’m wearing a green cable net wool

sweater I picked up from Brooks Brothers against
a cream pair of jeans and a charcoal and orange

shadow stripe sock from Fort Belvedere. And to top
it all off, a leather weave brown boot from Taft.