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I am no nada I am your personal stylist

and today I’m here to talk about body


yes body shape why’s that we been a

stylist it’s very important people know

their own body and will become into

shopping and if the price nothing to

look at

let me tell you the secret when I gotta

say try it the first thing I’ll do is

just look at their body and I will not

fit away how to dress them because if

you don’t know what body they are what’s

the point you know everything you buy

you know look right so another thing

when you should take your clothes off

yes naked and must be embarrassing and

just look yourself in the mirror and you

just look shape so let’s go through a

few shapes to help you identify your

shape I have listed many physical

characteristic so which body shape are

you let’s start with a column right

shoulder and hip are the same slide

waist and longer legs the bars big

breasts gentle carbon Lanka waist

it’s equal pressed in slim thighs and

legs the hourglass big breasts the small

waist and short waist big eight and

general styles

have small breasts longer waist flat

tummy saddlebags a navy legs Apple

average breast with a tummy bigger than

breasts quite flat Pam and okay legs

brick broad shoulder

no waist coverage tummy flat bum heavy

ties nav cars now hope this helped you

to identify your body shape so I hope

you enjoyed video they’ll be more video

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