Dressing Rules EVERYONE Should Learn Once And For ALL


hi everybody welcome back to my channel

in today’s video i want to talk about

dressing roles i think everyone should


now when i say rules i don’t mean you

must follow these things or you’ll never

be stylish

instead what i mean are some tips and

tricks these are helpful things that

many of us may not even consider every

day but when you do

they really transform how you look and

feel in your clothing

so these are things that are nice to

have in your back pocket when you are

kind of stuck

on what to wear and things that are just

helpful for

hopefully the rest of your life so let’s

get started

when it comes to looking and feeling

your best in your clothing

i think undergarments are so important

and many of us don’t give them a second


so this first tip is all about finding

your perfect bra

now when i was in college i was a profit


i worked in a department store not

victoria’s secret i don’t recommend

going there to get sized because it’s a


wonky um and instead i was trained in a

department store and i helped women find

their perfect bra and i was always

amazed at the

outcome it had they always felt better

they had better posture and

it was always unanimous across the board

that everyone felt better in their


as a result of having a proper fitting

bra so

it’s pretty simple i’m going to walk you

through how to do it and insert some

examples you can follow along

but i recommend doing this a couple

times and kind of averaging out what you

get and that should give you your best

number basically and then if you’re

still confused you can of course go to a

specialist most department stores have

someone on staff that can help you

and they’re trained so it’s really

beneficial i recommend doing it

so to get your bra size you’re going to

take two measurements

you’re going to take your band size and

your cup size and to do this you need a

flexible tape measure that can easily

mold to your body

and then you’re going to want to stand

in front of the mirror so you can very

easily see the numbers

and then ideally wear nothing more than

just your bra

if you really have to or you want to do

this with a friend to get a better um

idea what’s going on you can wear a very

thin t-shirt

nothing bulky and something that

definitely forms to your body

so you get the most accurate numbers so

to get your band size you’re going to

take the tape measure and

take it along your rib cage underneath

your bust

as tightly as you can get it you don’t

want it to be loose because you do want

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your band to be not only an accurate


but also slightly snug i find that most

people when i was doing this would wear

too loose of a band

and that really can throw everything

else off so make sure you pull it


but don’t suffocate yourself and then

jot that number down

so let’s say for example’s sake that

number was 34.

now you’re going to take your cup size

measurement so to do that

you need to take the tape measure and

run it along the widest part of your


and pull it tightly but not too too

tight you don’t want your cups to

suffocate everything because that’s very


and most women i find wear too small of

a cup size

so be a little bit lacks in this but

obviously don’t let it drape all over

the place

you’ll get an inaccurate number so then

you’re going to do that and take down

that number

so let’s say for example say that number

was a 36

so now that you have both your band

measurement and your cup measurement

you can put them side by side and

decipher what it all means

so you always start with the band

measurement first so in our example that

was 34

and that means that 34 is your starting

point 34 would be

zero basically and so 34 is not only

your band size but also the starting

point to figure out your cup size

and to do that you take the bust

measurement and every

inch over 34 equals one cup

so a 34 35 would be a 34

a a 34 36 would be a 34

b and so on and so forth now if you were

kind of in between numbers

then you will round up or down and

that’s kind of where you have to play

around actually trying on bras

it’s not fun but when you find your

perfect one it makes all the difference

and then the other thing i will say in

this topic

is that if you want one bra and you want

something maybe

that’s nice quality something that you

can wear for a long time

and something that’s kind of a

no-brainer you can wear it with a lot of


my recommendation would be to find

something as close to your natural skin


and then something with seamless cups

typically marketed as a t-shirt bra

and something that has nice coverage

along the back

that will smooth you in all the nice

places lift everything where it needs to


and be virtually undetectable under most


while we’re on the topic of

undergarments my next rule

or tip would be to never wear white

undergarments underneath

white clothing now i’ve heard

contradictory opinions to this but i

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will tell you from experience and from

working in the lingerie department that

white under white

will shine like a beacon and you will

see it from miles away

and you’ll get that kind of broken up

look that a lot of us try to avoid

we want our undergarments to almost be

undetectable and by

wearing white under white you do the

opposite so

going along with my first tip my

recommendation is always to find

something as close to your natural skin

tone as possible

and with seamless cups and seamless

lines if it’s undergarments

underwear and that makes all the

difference you can wear that under


it’s a no-brainer and it makes a really

big difference in how everything kind of

lays on your body

along those same lines my next dressing

rule is to size up in white garments

i’m sure you can relate we’ve all been

searching for the perfect white shirt

the perfect white pair of pants or white


and we’re disappointed when we try it on

because it’s see-through

and you can see everything very clearly


and i think that comes down to two

reasons the first

being what we just talked about you need

to ensure that you have proper fitting

undergarments that are the right color

and that are seamless

and then also the fit if something is

very skin tight and white

it’s very obvious what’s underneath it

and instead if you opt for something

slightly oversized and then

have it tailored so that it looks like

it fits you perfectly it makes a world

of difference

it’s something that i’ve relied on for

many years and i don’t think we utilize

enough so

i encourage you to do that the next time

you’re searching for a white shirt

size up and then have it tailored where

it needs to and it might make a world of

difference in your own personal opinion

on white clothing


if you’ve ever wanted to look a little

bit taller i know i have i’m 5’3 so i

like to play with proportions and trick

the eye when i can

then this next wrestling rule is for you

and it is a

two-step formula for looking taller the


part of this formula is to find a pair

of shoes in a color as close to your

natural skin color as possible

and then bonus points if it has a

pointed toe and then pair that with


high-waisted what that does is trick the

eye on both ends

so not only does your do your legs look

like they start a lot higher than they

actually do

but they look like they extend longer

than they actually do

the shoe and the color of your skin

combined with the pointed toe and then

with the high waist just creates a

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beautiful effect

it is a fill proof combination it works

every time

and anytime i want to feel really really


and i want to create that illusion it

always works for me

my next dressing rule is to keep colors

all within the same family

you know how much i love having a color

palette for your own personal wardrobe

and i think finding the colors that make

you feel amazing and then making sure

that they all go together

is a really great way to ensure that you

get the most out of your wardrobe

so to do that colors are broken

essentially into two main categories

we have warm colors or colors that are

yellow based

and then cool colors or colors that are

blue based

and typically to make things look nice

to the eye

cool will go with cool and warm will go

with warm

so keeping that in mind is a really

great way to not only pinpoint your own

color palette

but also help you get dressed so if you

put something on you’re trying to figure

out why it’s not quite right it very

likely could come down to the base of

the colors you’re wearing

and maybe you’re trying to pair cool

with warm and that clash is just not

working for you

so along the same lines i recommend

getting a color wheel

you can find these at most craft stores

and art supply stores or online and

they’re very inexpensive

and keeping one with you while you’re

shopping or as you’re getting dressed is

really helpful

because they give you clues as to what

colors will go together

and what colors complement each other

and it really opens up the possibilities

for a lot of combinations that you may

not have considered before

so i have one i recommend you have one

as well but when in doubt remember cool

with cool warm with warm

and there you have it those are some of

my top dressing rules i think everyone

should know

these have been hugely beneficial to my

own personal style and i hope they were

helpful for you

and i would love to make this a series

if you’re interested

i have a lot more i could have done um

on this topic

i had to narrow it down for the sake of

the video but if you want this to be

maybe a little mini series

please let me know in the comments down

below and i’d be happy to make more and

like always thank you so much for

watching and i’ll see my next one have a

great day