Fashion Advice in the ‘80s


This girl here.

This girl here.

This girl here.


All right, y’all
don’t understand.

We have known each other.

I just learned today because
I have no memory of time.

Like, I don’t understand
the concept of time.

But we’ve known each
other since ’85.

Is that when we–


You had just won Showtime’s
Funniest Person in America.

You had just won, come to
Colorado, Jeff Valdez’s comedy

club, got on stage.

I said, who is this

And I said she’s it.

First time I saw your
performance, I said that’s it.


Maybe it was like 30, 40 comics.

I said that one there
is going to make it.

And I’m going to
borrow money from her.




So we were together a lot.

We were always on tour.

We played a lot of
the clubs together.

I just learned today that
we would room together.

You don’t remember.

In San Diego, at The Comedy
Store down in La Jolla,

we roomed together at the little
jacked up beach condo they had.

You stayed upstairs.

I stayed downstairs.

Like, we’re going to hook up.


So we stayed, and then we went
to a gym across the street.

I do remember that.

I put you on an exercise bike.

I said spin.

You said let’s not.

And we did it.

It was funny.

Yeah, no, we hung out a lot.

So then when I
got Johnny Carson,

who do I go to for fashion
advice, but Sinbad?

And he tells me what to wear
on my first Carson appearance.

  Style Tips for Men

And this is what
he made me wear.


The bold look.

That’s a bold look.

That’s a bold look.

That’s a bold look.

Let’s just show how Sinbad
was dressing at the time

that I would go to him
for fashion advice.

Let’s just show.



Ahead of my time.

People trying to do that now.

But that guy was like, yeah, I
should ask him where to shop.

And we went to– wait,
Hurricane and Parachute.

Parachute where I got
[INAUDIBLE] Parachute was cool.

Now I used to also
dress Rosie O’Donnell.

I used to buy her Reebok
tennis shoes back in the day.

Why do all lesbians go to you?


I’m the lesbian whisperer
because I’m bold.

Uh huh.

That’s why.

See, other dudes
scared of colors.

I ain’t scared of colors.

Yeah, no.

Because we went shopping
on Hollywood Boulevard.

And I talk about it in my
Netflix special coming up.

I talk about Sinbad.

Which I’m so glad.

Girl, comedy missed you.

Yeah, I’ve been gone a while.


I’m excited.

I’m excited.

I saw little clips.

I saw some clips.

I said, dang, she’s
still got game.

Yeah, it was weird because
15 years is a long time.

And I do it, but
I really miss it.

But yeah, I talk
about Sinbad on stage.

And I mean, we really had
a lot of fun together.

We spent a lot of time together.

I think it was just
a heyday of comedy.

And everybody was unique.

Everybody was trying
to be different.

And if you were
funny, you’re funny.

If you’re not, you’re not.


It was.

  Artificial intelligence system gives fashion advice

It was a really special time.

I feel really
grateful that I was–

because that’s when
you worked to get fame.

You didn’t get fame

You actually were on the road.

You toured.

You did comedy clubs.

You did clubs that
were in strip malls.

You did anything.

And strip clubs.

Yeah, and strip club.

I didn’t do strip clubs.

I did strip clubs.

I bet you did.

Yes, I did.

Yeah, I did.

And so was it Rel–
tell everybody.

And the guy, Rel, he’s
in Bird Box, right?

He’s in Bird Box.

Because he was considered
a Showtime West

Entertainer of the Year.

He broke up after Get Out.

And so right now, on the
show, I play his father.

But I wasn’t trying
to come back to TV.

I didn’t want to sitcom.

I wanted to do other things.

I said, look, people
see me one way.

I wanted to get out that box.

I wanted This Is Us.

I want to do shows like that.

I wanted to kill people.


I wanted to go that route.

I understand.

But they kept coming at me.

And I said, OK, I’ll try it.

I’ll try it.

And I’m glad I did it
because it’s a funny show.

But I got my feet
wet, being back on TV

and going like, oh
man, I love this.

I love a check.

And it was nice being back
in front of the camera.

So now I’m writing again, and
we’ll do some more things.

Oh, that’s great.

I am so happy to see
you again, my friend.

I have something
for you, though.


My son is a director,
is a comic book writer.

  Body Shapes | Fashion Advice from a Fashion Designer

I’m just doing this
because it’s nepotism.

It’s called Biopunks.

I don’t know if you’re
into comic books.

If not, if you know somebody.

He’s a great director, writer.

My daughter, she’s
writing and acting.

And my other daughter
is doing stuff.

So this is it.

Well, thank you so much.

And yes, I will find out who–

but I mean, you
have connections.


Royce, name is Royce.

All right.

I got connections,
but not like you.

All right, OK.

All right.

It is called Rel.

It airs Sundays at 9:30 on Fox.

We’ll be back.

Sinbad, everybody.