Stop being fashion photographer

you’re disappointed in this whole
industry and you’re disappointed in

yourself at the same time and all of
those thoughts are keep moving on moving

on you and you just kept take it anymore
and you just want everything to stop

hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s
been a while since I’ve posted a video

any video actually and there are a few

which I’m actually going to talk to you
about in this video and I might tell you

that it’s quite spontaneous so I
I apologize if this video will be all

over the place anyways

I was in
kind of a deep depression and I was

struggling a lot with it and

how it all

I’m quite critical person to myself

very critical to my works I’m often not

really happy about them and it’s really
hard to deal with all that and I try to

remind myself that done is better than
perfect it’s my favorite quote ever but

anyways sometimes it’s really hard to
put yourself together and keep moving

forward so there was a period when I was
so sad and emotionally and it affected

me even in a physical way hmm
so when I felt so down I even started

and I was trying to find out about

people’s experience of quitting
photography for good

like when you’re a

professional photographer and you want
to stop photography once and for all and

yeah I just typed in the youtube search
why I’ve stopped being a photographer

and I was looking for stories and
people’s experience

you know it was like

when you’re disappointed in this whole
industry and you’re disappointed in

yourself at the same time and all of
those thoughts are keep moving on moving

on you and you just kept take it anymore
and you just want everything to stop and

have like a pretty simple job when you
have to just function do something

mechanical or I don’t know just
something that doesn’t affect your


and I wanted a way out of my
thoughts so yeah when I’ve googled it I

found out few stories of people who
changed their profession completely like

from being a photographer to starting
the whole new life and you know the

whole new experience and becoming
someone like I don’t know I’ve heard the

story of man who became a nurse he was
going to start a family and photography

  personal style, movie costumes fashion advice & more

job isn’t the most stable one so he
decided to change it

but for me it’s not

so easy I guess

I really love my job

so when I’m sad and when I’m

feeling down yes I think about quitting

then I see something inspiring and it
makes me realize that no matter how hard

it is I will keep going forward

and I’m
not going to quit it anytime soon

sorry guys I had to turn off my camera
because my fridge was working too loud so

I had to take a break ok

let’s continue
and what I was talking about how I got

into this depression and this whole
situation I think the main reason is me

overworking and not giving myself a
break a proper rest and going really

hard to my goals

I had this huge to-do
lists where I had to like check check

check done

and I was really stressed out
when something wasn’t going on the way I

wanted it to go I had too many tasks I
was stressing out about the results and

I didn’t receive the feedback I wanted
to receive so I was like pushing myself

into the depression

everything was
leading to that and yes so I ended up

burning out

I didn’t want to do anything
at all so that’s when I was googling and

searching in YouTube why I should stop
photography but how another person can

tell you why you should stop doing what
you’re doing

yes you can hear their

experiences but it’s your story and no
one can decide about it except you I’m

sorry for my English I’m a little bit
spontaneous with this video and

to be really honest so it is what it is
so what was going on then

I didn’t want

to do anything and I was feeling lonely
and sad I was still working because I

had many clients at that moment I had a
pretty busy schedule and I needed to do my

job because I couldn’t let those people

and I was acting like everything’s

yeah and but deep inside it wasn’t okay

for me

so how how everything ended up

needed to pull myself out of that

emotional breakdown

I’m going to give
you some advices what has helped me to

deal with my depression and how I’ve
pulled myself out of it as an artist and

  personal style, movie costumes fashion advice & more

if it will help even one person I will
be happy so

and also if you know

anything any advices for the situations
like this please let everyone know okay

what has helped me first the meditation

when I was still in this crazy situation

when I was running to the goals and
to-do lists and hoping to deal with all

that at once it has helped me to
prioritize what I need to do at the

moment and what isn’t that important so
slowly it has helped me to slow down a

little bit and and become calm

yes the next step I would suggest you to

do in this situation like this is to
give yourself a proper rest just calm

down and take a break okay

you need to
find a reason for yourself why you want

to continue doing what you’re doing
whether you’re a photographer or an

artist or a painter anyone designer
whoever you are whatever your passion is

you need to decide is it a hobby for you
or is it a work for you and how much do

you want to continue doing it because
every artistic job takes a lot of

yourself it’s you can’t break yourself
into parts and decide like this job

these are my emotions at least for me it
doesn’t work this way I’m always in the

middle and everything for me is a mix of
these emotions

emotions are helping me to

create and I think this is what the
clients are looking for in my services I

follow my god and I follow my emotions

I’m continuing photographing I’m

continuing creating art and this is my
choice but maybe for someone else

stopping would be a better choice

need to realize that by yourself yes

next thing is don’t ever compare
yourself to others just don’t


says that but it’s really hard not to
look at other people’s works or to other

people’s life especially in this like
social media century when you can follow

anyone and see what they’re up to I want
to show you that not everybody’s life is

perfect it may seem that you’re
traveling and you’re having fun you have

a job that you love you’re having the
time of your life basically but

  personal style, movie costumes fashion advice & more

it’s not the whole picture you can never
see our personal life as a whole picture

maybe he has some problems with his
family or he’s dealing with some health

issues or there are some problems with
money and budgeting and dealing with

visa problems and some bureaucracy
anything could happen to them but on

their Instagram their lives seemed
perfect and you will never know what’s

behind it
you won’t unless you’re a close friend

of that person so please stop comparing
yourself to others you can compare

yourself to yourself

and try to become a
better version of yourself that’s the

right choice if you want to compare
yourself to anybody

so yes and I guess

these are the main things that I wanted
to share with you guys

please take care

of yourself and prioritize your health
physically and emotionally don’t let

yourself down

I think this video is
pretty much long and a little bit messy

but I hope I really hope it will be
helpful in some kind of way and it will

help at least one person I will be happy
I will be really really happy please

tell me your experience have you ever
experienced depression if you did how

did you pull yourself out of it how how
you’ve been dealing with it and what

motivates you to moving forward I really
want to hear your opinion on that maybe

it will help me a little bit too so yeah
let’s support each other and help each

other growing

so yeah thank you so much
for watching I really love you guys

thank you so much for following
we’ll continue uploading videos I will

continue sharing my experience
information just everything

and for now

I am feeling really really happy

I don’t
know I feel that everything is going the

way it’s supposed to be

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