Style Advice – Back to School

Hi, I’m Afiya, I’m at Vaughan Mills because
Fall is my absolute favourite season for fashion.

And today, I’m particularly excited to shop
for Back to School style.

Come with me and let’s see what we can find.

What are you looking forward to this fall
in terms of trends?

Finally getting to put a jacket back on because
I feel like that really pulls an outfit together.

Well I’m really a big fan of like, blazers,

When it comes to trends for fall, if it’s
funky, and if it’s a little bit out there,

I like it.

I’m always into the reds, the purples, blues.

Camel, Navy and burgundy.

I think a blazer or a jacket is really important.

I love just the little lace up shoes.

Statement Necklaces, really big, chunky.

As long as it’s stylish, funky, I’m there,
if it’s not, I’m not there, I’m leaving, peace.

Now that we have heard from you, let’s go
shopping to see if we can find our favourite


My first stop was the mecca of polish prep,

Next I was off to Aritzia, one of my absolute
favourite destinations for stylish basics.

I need some trendy layers so next up was Aeropostale.

Layers like this are essential to survive
crazy air-conditioned class-rooms.

Pay attention the quality of your casual basics,
they really are the building blocks of any

great outfit.

To cap it all off I went to Town Shoes for
a great selection of Fall footwear for men

and women.

Fashionable flats are really your best bet
for running around campus and in the hallway

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in style and comfort.

Kicks for guys have really come a long way,
whether they’re high-top or low-cut, they

really are an easy way to indulge in colour
and have fun with style.

I found some great pieces at Vaughan Mills
and these are my absolute favourites for the

best back to school style.

Invest in key pieces like this well-cut blazer
or necklace from J.Crew, that transform classroom

outfits into something that will shine in
the office.

Pops of colour and interesting prints are
a great way to add personality to traditional


Layering makes an outfit more interesting
and is stylish way to extend pieces through


I especially love this rose print cardigan.

It really tops this outfit.

To finish this look, choose a fresh new colour
like berry for an update to classic Converse.

This mild cotton Aritzia dress, is as comfy
as a night dress but way more stylish especially

in this lovely needed palette.

A utility jacket is a smart purchase and is
an easy way to pull a look together.

Back packs like this Marc by Marc Jacobs number
have been given a stylish update that marries

fashion and function.

For the guys out there a monochromatic colour
scheme is an easy way to introduce colour

to your wardrobe and make a statement.

For a finishing touch you should own at least
one solid jacket that is well cut and slim


I found some amazing fall fashion at Vaughan
Mills and I truly hope that it inspires your

back to school style.

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