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“Hey Kate, do you have a sec to do those questions?”

Hello fashion

Yes! The questions.

So we’ve gotten a lot of questions on Instagram,

and in the comments and today we’re gonna devote the whole

episode to answering them.

“I’m just gonna let them rip.”

“Were are you born with this talent?”

[Laughs] That’s embarrassing to answer, but probably.

Because it’s hard to tell you exactly how I do what I do other

than to say it’s a gut instinct.

“Where are you from?”


“When did you first realize you loved fashion?”

My first word was shoe.

“How did you first start out? Did you intern anywhere?”

I did. I interned at Lynne Frank’s PR in London.

And Lynne Franks was the person

that “Ab Fab” was based on.

“What does it look like?”

“Well… a Zeppelin in a condom, darling.” [Laughter]

“Is a college degree necessary to become a stylist?”

I think so, but probably not.

“How did you develop your style in your early 20s?”

In my early 20s, I worked at Vogue, and I was heavily

influenced by the people there.

We only wore heels.

We wore Helmut Lang and Prada.

And I read a lot of magazines. I looked at people’s style

I liked, and I copied it.

“What were you doing professionally in your mid-20s?”

Working at Vogue and helping to start Teen Vogue.

“Who taught you how to be a stylist?”

Tonne Goodman, who I assisted, and Camilla Nickerson,

who had the office next door, who was super, super supportive.

“Was your Vogue and Conde Nast experience helpful for

venturing out on your own?”

Yes, because when I worked in the market department, I had

to talk to all the PR people, and that’s how I knew who to call

when I needed a dress.

“Which was a key step or career opportunity that

brought you success?”

I mean, getting the job at Vogue was a huge deal, because I

was out of college, and I didn’t really know anything about fashion.


Bless you! [Laughs]

“Excuse me.”

“What was the worst experience you had on the job,

besides right now?”

[Laughs] The worst experience I had on a job? I had a person

pretend they couldn’t speak English for an entire first fitting.

And in the second fitting, they were fluent.

They were just fucking with me.

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“How is the fashion industry changed since you started your


When I started, it was all about magazines and wasn’t about


And now it’s about celebrity and Instagram, and it’s very fast.

“What’s it feel like to have a hot husband…?”


“Hold on. There’s more… amazing career and gorgeous tastes

and interiors?”

Hi, Mike.

“How do you juggle your job and family?”

Oh, it’s hard, but I have a lot of boundaries.

“What’s your favorite perfume?”

Le Labo Gaiac.

“What’s your daily diet?”


“Do you have any pets?”

I have a cat named Nagini.

“Do you star in the series ‘The Vampire Diaries’?”

I don’t star in this series “The Vampire Diaries.” I wish I did.

“How do you keep yourself organized?”

Bullet journals.

“Will you ever walk us through your closet?”

Oh, my closet’s messy.

“Name your top style icons.”

Jane Birkin.

Tina Chow.

Lauren Hutton.

“Who’s your all time favorite fashion designer?”

Who’s your favorite child?

“Do you have a favorite fashion show experience?”

Yes! The first time I went to Milan was a Tom Ford

Gucci show. And in the end section, it rained white roses,

and “Nothing Compares to You” played and I cried.

“What would be your dream dress

if you were your own client?”

The dress I wore to the Met Ball, made by Proenza Schouler.

“What do you think makes a characteristic Kate Young

red carpet look?”

That the woman looks like herself.

“What do you enjoy most about this particular moment

in your life?”

My kids.

How has Covid impacted your work?

It has given me a little time to slow down, and time to start a

YouTube channel.

“Where have you been spending your work-from-home life

during Covid?”

Woodstock [in Upstate New York].

“Do you have a favorite facemask to wear during Covid?”

For moisturizing, 111 Skincare; for protection from Covid,

Evolve Together.

“Do you think sweat pants are just a pandemic fad?”

Unfortunately, no.

“What book are you currently reading?”

I’m reading “The Talented Mr. Ripley” because I love

the T Magazine Book Club.

“Can I work for you? I sent my resume to Bev and you.”

Bev, did you get it?

“What advice do you have for young students wanting

to go into styling?”

I think it’s really important to be well-rounded, to know about

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design and art and fashion.

I’m less interested in you knowing what look No. 23 from

Givenchy this season looks like than I am in knowing

you have good taste.

“What qualities do you look for when searching for

new designers to dress your clients?”

You know, that’s a feeling. When you see a new designer or a

new show that’s exciting, it’s just like an emotional feeling.

You look at it, and it feels new.

“How do you make connections in the fashion industry?”


“Do you ever work with other stylists?

What’s the stylist circle like?”

Well, I have a crew of stylists in L.A. And we don’t work

together, but we all watch the Golden Globes and Oscars

together, and that’s super fun.

“Any tips to remember when buying high-end street fashion?”

I think it’s good if you think about resale, so that you can

keep buying it.

You know, if you buy things that hold their value, you can

always sell them and buy some more.

“What do you think the next big trend is going to be?”

More sweatpants.

“How do you style diamonds into an everyday look?”

Oh, I love diamonds with, like, sweatshirts.

I think it’s great.

I think it’s good if you have sort of matte fabrics, like cotton

with diamonds. It’s very chic.

“What items should you spend money on?”


“Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes!”

“What items should you save on?”


“Best cut of pants for thick calves?”


“Tell us about your work uniform. How do you dress yourself?

I usually wear a navy sweatshirt and black jeans.

“What are your tips when you want to look good,

but can’t afford the latest fashion?”

Thrift stores.

“Any advice for packing quick-trip outfits?”

Yes! For packing quick-trip outfits, it’s really good

to dress in layers.

So you have to take very few things, and you can just change

one or two pieces and an outfit, and can go from day to night.

“How do you choose a red carpet look for any celebrity you

work with? And why?”

Hmm. Well, it depends on the celebrity.

But usually it’s a blend of the designer that feels right and

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new and cool.

And also the silhouette that works for them.

“What’s the difference between dressing a celebrity and a

regular shmegular?”

First, with a celebrity, it matters most what they

look like in a picture.

And for a regular person, it matters what they

look like in person.

“Are celebrities nice?”


“Do celebrities buy the couture they wear?

Or are they paid to wear the dresses?”

They don’t usually buy it. I’ve never had a client buy one.

And are they paid to wear the dresses?

Sometimes they’re under contract if they’re the face of

the brand.

“Are you taking on new clients?”


“Would you ever take on a male client?”


“If a client has a contract with a brand like Gucci, can you

style them in other brands?”

Every contract is different.

“How long does it take you to figure out what a client should

wear to the Oscars?”

At least a month.

“What’s the fastest you’ve ever had to pull up together

for a client?”

Fifteen minutes.

“How can I copy Dakota’s effortless style?”

Mmm. Rock T-shirts and bangs.

“What’s your favorite thing about dressing Dakota?”

Hanging out with her.

“Who does Dakota’s makeup looks?”

Georgie Eisdell

“Is Dakota fun to work with?”


“What’s your favorite look you’ve created for Selena?”

I really love when she performed at the Victoria’s Secret show.

My friend Joel [Jolibe] and I made the dress.

“Will Selena ever love again?”

Of course.

“Do you like Selena’s new album?”

I love it!

“Have you watched Selena’s cooking show on HBO Max?”

I did the wardrobe!

“How did you start working with Margot?”

Vogue introduced us.

“What’s it like working with Michelle Williams

for as long as you have?”

It’s really nice. We’ve grown up together.

“Do you like working with Nina Dobrev?”

Of course!

“Is there anything you want to add?”

No, I think that’s it.

Thanks so much for watching.

I really appreciate you sending all the questions.

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