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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. I’m Erica Ball, personal stylist.

For today’s video, I am going to attempt to unbox all of these.

These are actually not for me, these are actually for a male client of mine

that I’ll be seeing soon.

I just wanted to unbox these, see what’s inside and share that all with you!

Alright so let’s get started.

So this is a package from Nordstrom Rack

Now I have to show you, how cute are these Eiffel tower scissors?

I’ve never done an unboxing video.

So we’ll just see how this goes!

Alright so from Nordstrom Rack we have this BOSS henley.

And I will link whatever is available, if something isn’t available any longer I will link something similar.

So I have to say, Nordstrom Rack online is definitely one of my go to places

when I shop for my male clients especially.

They just have really really great designer pieces.

This is BOSS.

It’s just a really great, everyday henley.

Cute little buttons, the quality is really nice and soft.

These kind of pieces, they’re just classic and they will last so long.

So, here’s that.

That was all that was in that package.

Next we have J. Crew.

I only use J. Crew for men, and kids.

I don’t like to use J. Crew for women, I just think the fits are a little off for women.

But for men, they have some really great basic pieces.

I’ve definitely used that for my clients.

So let’s see.


They make great chinos for guys.

So here’s this really nice, more of a dark blue than a navy pair.

They’re just really well made, they have nice stretch to them, they’re slim fit but not a skinny fit.

And I also got a pair in charcoal.

Yeah, they’re just really, really nice pants.

They work really well for most guys.

So moving on…

This is a box from J. Crew.

So here we have a great casual button down.

Again, J. Crew just does these so so well.

It’s just a beautiful oxford shirt, it’s kind of like, more like a grey than a blue.

Such a great shirt, it’s a slim fit.

Actually, it’s so much more flattering on guys, as well as women, to wear clothes that are form fitting to the body.

So I’m a huge fan of slim shirts for guys.

And then here we have a cashmere sweater.

From J. Crew as well.

I love their cashmere sweaters, I think they are such a good price point and they last

and again they’re really well made and they fit beautifully.

This is just a black V-neck, I don’t know if you guys could see the V.


So what do we have next? This is from Neiman Marcus.

These scissors are really cute but they don’t cut as well to open the boxes.

What did I order from Neiman Marcus?

I’m not really sure, let’s see.

I usually place orders two weeks before I see my clients so

to make sure everything arrives on time, so I’m not completely sure what I’ve gotten.

So this is a nice sport coat, it’s Hugo Boss.

Which again is just such a great men’s brand in my opinion.

It’s just a beautiful sports coat, it’s blue, it has this nice little texture to it.

It’s so classic again, you can wear it with so many things.

You can do a sweater under it, like that V-neck earlier.

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You can do a dress shirt underneath, or a casual button down.

It’s just a really really nice piece.

So there’s that! Let’s see what else.

Another pair of chinos, these are also Hugo Boss.

These are like a nice, a different blue.

Almost like a blue grey.

Again, Boss is just such a great brand so.

These I think will be really nice for my client.

Rag and Bone jeans!

Ooh these are nice!

Rag and Bone jeans for guys are so well made.

And they’re so cool, and they fit well.

So these are Rag and Bone, slim fit, in charcoal.

You can tell they’re Rag and Bone, they have this little design, little stitch there.

It’s the button fly.

Just really really well made.

Guessing these are ties, cause I had to order some ties for my client.

So let’s see what’s in there.

It’s a Boss tie.

A really really nice striped tie.

It’s classic, but it gives a little bit more of a modern take on some ties.

It has a really pretty almost like a violet color but with blue.

I do like to mix my prints for guys, so if we have a striped tie, I prefer to go for a plaid dress shirt.

I just think it’s a little more fun than a solid dress shirt.

But of course you can do both.

Let’s see, there’s another tie box here.

This is actually a lot of fun!

Even if it’s not for me!

Another Boss tie, a beautiful blue.

My client needed modern ties; he had a lot of really wide ties.

Which I feel are outdated

They’re just not as classic, not as sophisticated.

So this is a really beautiful blue tie.

Another Neiman Marcus box.

Ooh, so these are some shoes for my client.

So he did need a variety of shoes.

Let’s see which ones these are.

So these are Vince, let’s open them up.

Ooh, these are really nice.

So he needed something that he could kind of wear to work,

but that wasn’t necessarily a dress shoe.

I mean how beautiful are these, they’re really interesting.

I’m not even sure if they’re leather or suede, they might be suede.

Leather laces, it’s really really cool detail. Just a really modern, smart shoe.

So you guys can see that, it’s beautiful.

Alright there’s one more in here, also Vince.

So these are a charcoal, leather sneaker.

These are cool!

With a pair of jeans, like those Rag and Bone jeans I showed you guys earlier.

They’re really nice.

That’s it for that box!

A lot of boxes, okay what do we have next?

So this is from…

This is Nordstrom Rack again.

Lots of dress shirts in here.

So this is John Varvatos.

Another one of my favorite designers for guys.

Makes really cool modern shirts, dress shirts, casual shirts.

This is a nice purple checked shirt, I mean how nice is that?

It’s a really beautiful shirt.

You can pair it with this tie, I just think that’s so cool.

That’s what I mean about mixing prints for guys, that’s just such a nice combination there.

A lot of dress shirts in here, so we’ll move a little quickly through these.

This one’s another John Varvatos.

So with a shirt like this, I would probably pair with this tie.

I mean again, how nice does that look?

And I’d even do it with these Rag and Bone jeans, for a more casual but dressed up look.

This is just a really smart, modern outfit for a guy.

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I actually really love it, I might need to get this for my husband.

Then there’s some jeans here, so these are John Varvatos jeans.

The slim straight fit, which is good for guys.

If they don’t like them too slim, slim straight is a good variation.

Straight is okay too, if the guy is a little bigger in the hips, I think they are okay.

We have this interesting, just a very subtle detail on the pockets.

Which is about the most detail I think is okay to get away with.

But these are cool, I’m sure they’ll fit well.

So here is another henley, a vince henley.

Vince makes really great henley’s for guys as well.

So nice for the weekend, or hanging out with family.

Throw on a pair of jeans, like these Varvatos jeans.

This olive green Vince henley.

These Vince, grey charcoal sneakers and you have a really casual but smart outfit.

Okay so I also got my client some leather belts.

Again, needed an update to his belts.

You know for guys, they don’t have as many options as women do when it comes to how they dress.

So a belt, a sock, a tie, all those things do make a difference for guys.

So this is just a really nice, it’s Boss again, classic, dark brown leather belt.

Buckle is nice and simple, which I like. Classic.

We also have some sport coats here.

Boss again.

My client just wanted some sport coats that he could wear with dark jeans.

They have casual Friday at work, to dress up his work look.

It’s just so cool.

Look at these grey suede elbow patches.

Just how nice is that jacket?

It’s a really really great sport coat.

Here’s a Theory sweater, another V-neck sweater.

This one is burgundy.

Such a great color, for men and women.

It compliments almost everyone’s skin tone.

Unless you’re super super pale. It’s such a beautiful color.

Theory makes great pieces, as most of you know.

So this again, we’ll get a lot of use out of this.

Okay so we have some more shoes in here!

So let’s see what shoes I thought would be good options for my client.

Here we have John Varvatos.

And these are, laceless wingtips.

In black, let’s check these out.

Love Varvatos shoes for guys.

My husband has, I don’t know, 10 pairs, more than I do probably.

So these are really really cool.

Again, just a beautiful modern…

it’s a dress shoe but it’s also cool enough that you could wear it with jeans and a casual button down to go out to a nice dinner.

Just a beautiful shoe.

Let’s see what’s in here. Oh this box is pretty light!

This is from…it says John Varvatos on it but I probably got it from Nordstrom’s.

And again you guys I will link any of these items that are still available, or similar options.

So you can just check out the description box below for that.

I like this one.

The color is called concrete, again it’s a John Varvatos dress shirt.

It’s a little thinner than the other ones.

So this would be a nice piece for the transition from winter to spring.

Such a beautiful piece, and I mean again…

you can do so many different tie options.

Right, this purple one is beautiful.

As well as that blue one, which I have no idea where it is right now.

But it’s such a good, good shirt.

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And then here’s another Varvatos, slim fit.

Blue dress shirt.

It’s a really pretty blue, it’s like a grey blue.

Really really nice.

Okay, and that is it for Nordstrom.

This one here is another Neiman Marcus box.

This one’s a little heavier.

So I’m going to have to hang all these pieces up.

That’s part of why I do it before I go to my client’s house.

Everything is hung on hangers and I come with the rack.

So my client never really sees this process,

unless they’re watching this video.

Alright, so we have some more shoes in here!

Let’s see, more Vince.

Ooh these are cool. Again, a more casual sneaker. It’s a black leather.

Leather laces, really cool.

It’s almost like, it’s not white, it’s more like a grey sole.

Very very cool.

One more box in here, another Varvatos.

So you guys can kind of get the gist of the brands I think work really well for most guys.

Theory, Boss, John Varvatos, Vince.

They’re just some of my favorites for guys.

And it’s great that you can find most of these pieces at really really great prices.

I’m going to be using the word great a lot.

Ooh these are really nice.

So these are a chukka boot.

Or a desert boot.

I love these, my husband has a couple pairs of these in different colors.

It’s a nice grey suede.

Black laces, beautiful beautiful chukka boot.

So versatile, can be dressy or more casual.

But I love these for guys, I think they’re just so so cool.

Alright so that was it for Neiman.

This is a big box from Nordstrom.

I have no idea where my scissors went. Oop, here they are!

Alright so here is another sport coat.

Let’s see this one.

This is fun!

This is John Varvatos, I don’t know if you guys can see.

It’s almost, it has a little bit of a denim look to it.

Not a feel, it definitely feels like a typical blazer material or sport coat material.

It’s really cool!

We have another Theory sweater!

This one’s a crew neck, it’s really soft.

This must be cashmere, it feels so soft.

We have some more shoes.

These are To Boot New York.

Oh I like these!

Quality is great, really well made.

I think my client’s going to love these, I love these.

So that’s everything from the boxes, now I’m going to take just a minute and hang all this stuff up.

So you guys can kind of see the end process.

So everything is hung up.

And you can see the ties are here,

shoes are on the bottom,

this is what I’ll be bringing to my client tomorrow when I see him for his session.

Again, everything I’ve featured here with you guys will be available for purchase if you click on the link below in my description box.

And whatever is not available I will definitely link similar options at great price points for you guys.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video!

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