Tips To Look Stylish INSTANTLY

I think looking stylish and chic all comes

down to the little things,
how you style it, how you accessorize it,

how you make a very basic
outfit look, not so basic.

Hi you all, I am Ishita and welcome back
to my channel. In this video,

I’ll be sharing some tips that would
instantly make you look more stylish.

If you are someone who goes in usually

for regular jeans, t shirts and shirts,
but are still looking for something to add

personality or just jazz up
your outfit just a little bit.

These tips will definitely help
you take your outfit up a notch.

Of course, these are my personal tips
and I’m sure there’ll be several other

tips on the Internet so you do you
and see what works best for you.

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Having said that,
let’s get into the video.

So tip number one is to always tuck

in your shirts or t shirts or even
sweaters during winter season.

It makes your outfit look sharper

and gives the illusion of longer legs
as well, because more of your bottom.

Whatever you’re wearing in the bottom?

Trousers, jeans, pants, whatever
you’re wearing, it shows more of that.

So obviously, technically, it will show
more of your legs making you look slightly taller.

So this is a great tip
for shorter girls, as well.

So I know it’s always easier to pick
out a more comfortable choice.

I mean, that would be your natural choice. Right?

Like a pair of sneakers or flats
or bellies. But if you can combine comfort

  Artificial intelligence system gives fashion advice

and heels at the same time,
then why not go for that?

Because it’s going to elevate your
outfit one hundred percent.

So always opt for Block heels, is if you can.

I’m not saying wear stilettos.

I know I don’t like them personally
because they’re super painful,

but whenever you can always switch up your
flats with a pair of nice block heels.

Now there’s something about golden hoops

and layered necklaces that makes your
outfit look really cute and chic.

I have started very recently.

In fact, to wear a lot of necklaces

These are easily available
on Myntra & at affordable prices.

I’m going to mention a few of the links

of products that I have personally
ordered in the description box.

So you guys should
definitely check that out.

They are literally in the range of like

two hundred to four hundred
rupees, even cheaper.

I believe that I’m wearing hopps right now
I’m literally wearing like

a jeans and a black top and I’ve
just put on these golden hoops.

There’s something about them

that instantly makes your
outfit look a lot better.

So you get necklaces that are already
layered like their joint and you can also

otherwise stack up different
kinds of chains on your neck.

And it still looks extremely stylish.

OK, now this is embarrassing

for the longest time,
I thought Belts were useful only if you are

wearing loose jeans or loose bottoms,
and you want to tighten it up.

But could I be any more wrong,

Belts actually add that little something to your outfit
that makes it look like you put that extra

effort, but literally all you
did was just put a belt on.

These are also extremely helpful when you
want to cinch your waist,

  Fashion Advice in the ‘80s

and especially if you have an oversized
sweater or an oversized dress.

I think these really help you
define your waist as well.

Now, my tip number five is something that
I’ve noticed in myself that I used to do.

Is pair something loose with something

loose to hide my, you know, sort of flaws,
maybe like love handles or thighs?

So I’ve done that and I see
a lot of people do that as well.

And in fact, the opposite as well a lot

of people wear like jeans and extremely
skinny jeans with, like,

really skinny tops, which also doesn’t
look that flattering to the body.

What I suggest is always pair up
something tight with something loose.

So, for example, you can wear a palazzo
with, say, a spaghetti or a tight T-shirt

on top or maybe even a crop top ,
or maybe you could pair like an oversized

shirt or an oversized t shirt
with skinny jeans or leggings.

So basically striking the right balance

to make your outfit look flattering
on your body is extremely important.

Now tip number six is to invest in a good steam iron,
nothing is worse than wearing wrinkled clothes,

even if you put together the best outfit,
the most stylish outfit.

But if your clothes are wrinkled,
it just takes away everything.

Which is why I recommend steam iron,

especially because if you’re an office-going or a college,
going person,

early in the morning, you really can’t
wait for those regular irons to heat up.

And then you also have to be careful about

the creases when you
using the regular iron.

But with the steam item, you literally
just have to put in some water.

It literallt takes a few seconds to heat up and you

  Stop being fashion photographer

can iron your outfit in just a few seconds,
which is why I highly recommend this.

So if you’re running late for a party or

a dinner date, this can
really save your life.

Now, last but not the least is a tip

that is not really clothing related,
but more of like makeup related.

And I highly recommend these three
products, which is a mascara.

a colored lip balm .
or like a nude lipstick.

And if possible, a concealer as well.

And if you actually just put mascara or

lipstick, it makes a huge
difference to your face.

So whenever you’re stepping out,
just ensure that you look presentable.

You don’t have to put on a foundation
every time you step out. Just a little

bit of concealer, a little bit of mascara
or even a colored lip balm can do wonders

and make you look super
stylish and attractive.

So those are my styling tips for you,

If you have any tips of your own,
leave them in the comments down

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them and might have someone else as well.

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