Where to Find Ladies’ Lingerie

Hello. My name is Gabriela Garzon at G.G.
Image and Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida.

In this clip, I’m going to talk about where
to find lingerie. Basically, every department

stores has really nice selections of lingerie,
anything that you can choose for different

body types, different colors, and one of my
favorite of course is Victoria Secret because

it’s also affordable, but you can also find
really good quality and more expensive type

of pieces of lingerie, and there’s different
stores like La Perla, department stores like

Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s,
they have really nice selection of different

things and the first thing that you have to
do when you go to these stores is that you

need to get measure, especially for the different
type of bras, because they all have a variety

of sizes depending on your body. So, first
get measure before actually trying them on,

and everything that you’re going to buy you
can go ahead and measure it on you so you

take the exact, perfect fit for your lingerie.
Once again, this is Gabbie at G.G. Image and

Etiquette Consulting.


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